How to “force” customers to buy your products? What do you think? It´s about lowest price as possible, best “quality” or both? Most businesses are struggling around low prices and best quality of their products. And why not? It´s natural that people want best quality for low prices. Also customers are satisfied when they get their “best quality” for low price. But what about you and your business? Is it effective?

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Designed by Pressfoto / Freepik

Designed by Pressfoto / Freepik

Product marketing

What do you think? What is marketing? Do you agree with most people, that marketing is only about advertising? Do you agree it´s only about “best quality” and “low prices”? Stop! Marketing it very pleasant activity. Have you ever seen some “fat” book about marketing in some bookstore? Were you scared? Don´t be mad. Marketing is natural and it´s easy to learn. Everybody is doing marketing. Even from our childhood. When we are successful? When? Of course when we do things that people want. And when they are satisfied with our work. That is good marketing 🙂 Stay with this website and read new articles to get proven ways how to do good and effective marketing.


You read about “low prices” above. And you read something about product marketing. Do you still agree it´s about low prices? You can go nowhere with setting prices as low as possible. You want your business to grow. But how to do it with low prices? Give your customers something more and special. I´m not talking about big deals. Sincere smile and nice small talk is more than enough in some situations. Let your customers feel good and have positive experiences when involved in your business. Feeling good or special is more than only low prices and “best quality”. Stay with this website and read new articles to get proven ways how to sell even more with higher prices than competition.

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