The Marketing 4P is also known as Marketing Mix. The question is: Does it still apply in today´s modern marketing world? Did you know that Marketing 4P was first published in 1960? There were, and are a lot´s of modifications, what is understandable.

Jerome McCarthy

The original marketing 4Ps, proposed by marketer and academic Jerome McCarthy. Creator of the most enduring and most accepted marketing framework.

Let´s repeat them:

  • Product.
  • Price.
  • Place.
  • Promotion.


Physical product or service that satisfies the consumer´s needs. I won´t buy something I don´t need. I don´t want something that won´t satisfy me. What about you?


What about the price? Should be affordable for customers of course and rentable for you. But in our Real Marketing Strategy terms, we will get the most reward (money) possible – let the customer is very happy (because of valuable product) to pay more 🙂


You can have the best products possible in your basement, but for what if they can´t see it and can´t buy it? The Place refers to providing customer access.


Promotion = marketing communication. Which are the magic pictures, sentences and words to be communicated?

Marketing 4P (Marketing Mix). Does it still apply?

What is the most important thing of this Marketing 4P?

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