Did you hear that people are lazy? Businesses are lazy to keep acquired customers. It is your case too? Businesses want more and more new customers because they think this way will make more money – profit. But what about regular customers that you have acquired some days, months or years ago?

  • Customer retention
  • What to do with satisfied customer?
  • What to do with angry customer?

Customer retention

Do you want your customers to flee? No, you don´t. This is a perfect condition: you get new customer; the customer is satisfied with your products/services AND your kind human approach and attitude. You had some “small talk” with the customer and you know some basics about him. The customer is happy because of your attitude and because you are interested in customer. You don´t think about money/profit when communicating with customer. You want him to feel the best and give him product/service that will satisfy his needs. What will do this kind of customer next when will need something? He will be happy to meet you again 🙂

What to do with satisfied customer?

When customers are satisfied, then your business makes sense. What to do with satisfied customers? Leave them alone and wait when they will come next? Yes, I described a perfect condition above. We live in furious fast age. And people forget, which is needless to say. You should remind your business in some kind of non-annoying way. You can use traditional or electronic media. It depends on the kind of your business.

Keep customers

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What to do with angry customer?

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